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Know your dietitian

Priyanka Sainju is a consultant dietitian/nutritionist who believes in the power of the food to enhance lives and improve health, mentally and physically. With the motto  “the new tradition is good nutrition,” she empowers her patients, clients, and communities to embrace, understand and enjoy food.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition from Tribhuvan University and has 4 years of experience in this field. She currently works as a consultant dietitian at B&B hospital and Vatsalya IVF and Fertility Center. She is also the founder of NUTRIFIT NEPAL.
She provides tailored and personalized advice and consultation based on her client/patient’s personal needs and challenges, including their taste and accessibility. Her expertise also includes providing personalized diet and lifestyle plan to manage obesity, thyroid, PCOD/S, diabetes, uric acid, child nutrition and other lifestyle disorders.


Nutrifit Nepal is an online clinic that you can access from any part of the world. You don’t need to travel or leave your job or home to meet a Dietitian.  All the services are available online, just as in the clinic.

At NUTRIFIT, we envision a healthy world by providing a high quality medical nutrition therapy as an accessible health care option, where all people have the right to enjoy life in fullness and happiness.

We aim to have a health care revolution through a lifestyle change by providing the right nutrition and the best diet consultations and lifestyle modifications as a mainstream.


NUTRIFIT NEPAL aim to be the TOP referral point in the nutrition and dietetics industry in Nepal and worldwide by inspiring everyone to build a healthy lifestyle by making right food choices and better eating habits.


Inspiring people worldwide to emphasize on redefining their lifestyle and bringing good nutrition and wellness to their daily life by providing high-quality medical nutrition therapy through quality training and consultation.

What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?